MHC De Mezen Hockey Club pitch installation

MHC De Mezen, Harderwijk, a Dutch hockey club, founded in 1963, is the proud owner of two CCGrass FastPro HF13 hockey fields. With a reduced watering system, both pitches are tested to the highest standards, KHNB. These are top quality hockey surfaces from the world’s largest artificial grass manufacturer.

Hemel Hempstead FC Pitch Installation

A CCGrass Superb 45 pitch at Hemel Hempstead FC, installed by specialist contractors PST Sport. The pitch was tested to the highest standards at the end of September, to FIFA Quality Pro. The chosen Superb system, has been laid onto a performance pad, and is a top-level football system.

CCGrass Europe Frankfurt Office

Welcome to the CCGrass Frankfurt office, head quarters of CCGrass Europe. 
Within this video you can see what the inside of our office looks like and what we are proud to exhibit. Our showroom displays a selection of the various products we have, the timeline of the CCGrass company, along with values, vision and mission. 

Play more, earn more

CCGrass football turf systems are designed to meet various football field requirements. These can include full size football pitches, training centres, as well as mini-football fields, which can all be used intensively. Any size pitch can be used to transform your club/school/centre’s usability, which translates into more bookings and more earnings.

De Lacy Academy in Knottingley

The chosen CCGrass carpet, Ultimate 60-BL, will provide De Lacy Academy with a great football performance. The Ultimate yarn has a flat and wide shape with a thick central spine. It is a particularly soft yarn, which is very player friendly, whilst also being extremely durable. The yarn is in-filled with a base layer of sand and a performance layer of SBR to support the system.

Why CCGrass is your perfect artificial grass pitch partner

Building off of our brand values, we evaluate why CCGrass is your perfect pitch partner. 
From trust through to the choice available, we narrow down what sets us apart from the rest and what we are currently doing to ensure a perfect partnership.
Let us know if you agree!

TSV Fortuna, Billigheim

The TSV Fortuna, Billigheim club chose CCGrass BiPlex AU 40 product, which is a two-fibre product, that has passed both the German DIN 18035 standard, as well as FIFA Quality Pro test. The installation carried out by Raumflora, a local specialist sports pitch construction company, includes a recyclable Alveo shock pad and natural cork infill from specialist producer, Amorim.

Bradford Park Avenue

The new CCGrass surface, called BiPlex MY60, combines the successful Max monofilament yarn, made with C8 polymer, with a strengthened fibrillated yarn, for a unique surface designed for both football and rugby. PST Sports idea to combine the two yarns to create a hybrid turf is a step forward for dual sport pitches. It will be laid onto a 12mm PE shock pad selected specifically for its excellent sports characteristics.