45th Edition

With the double water-based hockey pitches at Worcester Hockey Club finished, and the construction of the clubhouse well underway, things are progressing nicely on site. With the view to getting players onto the pitch once the surrounding areas are made safe, both..

44th Edition

It was great to see the CCGrass Superb 52 product being installed at Keyworth United FC. The installation has been carried out by the Charles Lawrence team, and has been progressing smoothly. The Superb 52 carpet has been installed and jointed this week, with..

43rd Edition

After a period of stability, the price of synthetic turf will rise from April onwards, largely due to increased costs in raw materials and transport. European manufacturers have already announced product increases between 5% and 10%, with further additional costs expected..

42nd Edition

When Woodhouse Grove School chose a CCGrass surface for their new rugby pitch, way back in 2012, they were one of the first schools to go the “artificial” route. Now, nine years later the pitch is well established and has proven a great success.

41st Edition

AMI’s Grass Yarn & Tufters Forum has brought people together from throughout the artificial grass supply chain, to learn and network, for 15 years. The industry has been unable to meet in person for 12 months, so for the first time this event will be held virtually, in sessions..

40th Edition

CCGrass UK are proud to announce that they are the new official sponsors of The Atlas Foundation’s, Front Row Club, a charity founded by rugby legend, Jason Leonard OBE. The aim of the Front Row Club is to raise money to tackle child poverty. Through weekly prize draws for members, including signed memorabilia..

39th Edition

As the Year of the Rat ends and moves into the Year of the Ox, we all hope that we see global recovery from the pandemic and economic hardships that the last twelve months have brought. We also hope to be able to see colleagues and friends, and look forward to travel once again being possible.

38th Edition

Following the growing success of CCGrass in the UK and Ireland, CCGrass has opened a new office in England. Based within 5 minutes’ walk of historic Windsor Castle, home of the Queen, the new office will enable CCGrass to be closer to one of its main global sports markets. Bryn Lee, CCGrass UK CEO explains further

37th Edition

2020 was a strange and difficult year for most of us, and 2021 has started off no different, as we find ourselves once again in lockdown and learning to navigate this new normal. Throughout all of this, CCGrass has managed to stay strong, with some fantastic projects, and we look forward to a successful 2021 where we hope..

Christmas Edition

As Christmas is nearly here, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support throughout this somewhat difficult year. We hope you’ve found reading our opinion articles, pitch updates and news interesting and a small distraction; from January onwards, we’ll continue the newsletter every other week.

35th Edition

After a busy year pricing projects for the framework, CCGrass have started work on the first site, which will be completed in the new year, with our pitch construction partners, WH Malcolm. We have spent considerable time managing planning applications, relating to the build of these new pitches, and are excited..

34th Edition

Whilst the vast majority of rugby players have endured months without making a tackle, hitting a ruck or simply playing the game they love, those behind the scenes at World Rugby have been busy ensuring better facilities will soon be available to more clubs and schools. The growing popularity and acceptance of synthetic..

33rd Edition

Today we’re bringing you another video of the two CCGrass FastPro HF13 hockey pitches at MHC De Mezen, Harderwijk in Holland. This time, showcasing the pitches with some excellent footage. Let us know what you think! A hockey insight from Alastair Cox, the FIH Facilities & Quality Programme Manager.

32nd Edition

Gavin was born and brought up alongside the Thames in SE1 and SW15. Today he resides and enjoys life in Penselwood, Somerset. In between he was an apprentice professional footballer at Chelsea F.C and graduated from both Durham & Oxford Universities. After a flirtation with Millfield School as a tutor..

31st Edition

Each week, our CCGrass Turf Matters newsletter, is being seen by a growing number of people, which means our content is being read and in some cases heard. Although we have a lot to say about artificial turf, we are not too proud to admit that there is a lot of information out there that others may say better.

30th Edition

We started this newsletter, as we went into our first lockdown in the UK, as a way of staying connected to our customers, whilst also engaging in a new way of marketing CCGrass Europe. Now, 30 weeks later, we are still going strong, but unfortunately so is Covid, as we go into our second lockdown.

29th Edition

Like other components that make up a synthetic turf football or rugby pitch, the type and quality of the performance infill is essential to meet the required standards of FIFA and World Rugby. But, how do you know which is the right one for your pitch. There are some key performance related qualities needed from the infill

28th Edition

HOT OFF THE PRESS Tuff Turf, our partners in Australia, shared some fantastic photos of their new project at St Luke’s College, this morning. Travis Knight, Commercial Operations Manager, commented, “To say the least that this installation is something special is an understatement! From all reports the product is fantastic.”

27th Edition

As China returns to work after an extended Moon Festival National holiday, all three CCGrass factories are still working flat out, keeping our colleagues very busy managing new orders. Normally, at this time of year, many turf manufacturers slow down, due to seasonal changes – in Europe and America, but..

26th Edition

Having made great synthetic turf, it is important it arrives at its final destination in perfect condition. Wrapping. Once turf is backed and checked it is rolled up tightly, ready for dispatch. This may sound simple, but if not performed correctly can lead to a variety of problems on site. These range from rolls becoming loose during..

25th Edition

CCGrass Europe are very sad to see one of its team move on to a new challenge in a different industry. Jamie Forrester, who has been with the company for two years and instrumental in the growth seen in the UK market, has accepted an opportunity outside synthetic turf, in the world of football coaching

24th Edition

CCGrass, one of the 7 FIFA Preferred Producers in the World, has installed a FIFA certified field, LFF Stadium, which is located in Vilnius, Lithuanian. This stadium is the home field of Lithuanian national football team. The players are satisfied with the surface and speak highly of it, which bring them a good sports experience.

23rd Edition

CCGrass, the world’s largest producer of synthetic turf, is the latest manufacturer to be appointed by the Football Foundation to their Framework for providing 3G football pitches. After two successful Framework contracts, which provided over 800 pitches in a nine year period, the third Framework has six different synthetic..

22nd Edition

A brand new video of the Bradford Park Avenue pitch, laid with the BiPlex MY, which is also featured in this weeks newsletter. We are very proud with how it has turned out, and we hope you enjoy watching. CCGrass Europe CEO, Bryn Lee, also discusses whether one producer can really be better than another..

21st Edition

With prominent members of the town showing their support, including Henley town mayor, Ken Arlett, the ceremony went smoothly, with all attendees delighted with the new pitch. The club really came together to celebrate, with members of Henley Hawks, Hawks women and Kids First and Juniors all in attendance.

20th Edition

As the world copes with the massive impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, our industry has, like many others, been affected. From January 2020, when synthetic turf sports and leisure markets were expected to grow by a combined average exceeding 10%, we can now expect to see a small drop in volumes produced, especially in..

19th Edition

In last week’s edition of CCGrass Turf Matters, we discussed recycling within the artificial grass industry. How in recent years, there has been a huge focus on the environmental impact of single use plastics, which has led to an increased interest and research into recycling and repurposing artificial grass beyond its initial use.

18th Edition

It’s undeniably been a real challenge over the last few months for everyone. All businesses have had to adjust and find new ways to get back to business as usual. We are pleased both CCGrass Europe and our colleagues in China have been able to keep on working during the pandemic and support out customers as best..

17th Edition

Today we want to take the time to personally thank all of our Turf Matters subscribers. We hope that you are finding our updates and articles as interesting as we have found writing them over the last seventeen weeks, and that you’ve enjoyed getting to know more about our brilliant European team.

16th Edition

I am the newest member of CCGrass Europe, and my role is to support sales and marketing. Starting in February this year, I was able to settle in, learning the ropes and meeting the members of the team. Not long after, however, the Covid-19 pandemic hit, which has allowed me more time to direct my energy towards the UK market.

15th Edition

I am the contact between the European team and China. The European team talks to the clients directly; they send out quotations, samples and specifications. If there are any specific technical data sheets or samples that the client needs, I am the one who talks to the..

14th Edition

I always knew that I wanted to work for an international company, in an English-speaking environment, which is why I got an English translator degree, followed by a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business. When CCGrass opened the European office at the Frankfurt..

13th Edition

My role at CCGrass is UK Business Development Manager, which is to focus on new business around the UK. I offer advice to clients and clubs on the most effective playing surfaces. Managing client relationships is also an integral aspect of the role.

12th Edition

I am the sales manager for Scandinavia, and German speaking countries. Whilst I help to develop a suitable portfolio of products, with our Product Development team in China, I mainly spend my time promoting CCGrass products to our customers, creating positive relationships..

11th Edition

What is your role at CCGrass? I am the European Office CEO. Specifically, I manage the CCGrass sports range in northern Europe, in main markets such as Scandinavia, UK, Ireland and Germany, although we are trying to enter other markets as well.

10th Edition

The European Commission held a meeting to decide the fate of polymeric infill, used in synthetic turf sport surfaces. The two options under scrutiny were: Option A – to contain infill within the boundaries of a pitch. Option B – to completely ban the use of SBR.

9th Edition

As professional sport returns, albeit at different times, in different countries, the question is, when will the rest of us be able to play sport again? Walking around my local sports ground, after the hot May weather, you can see that the natural turf is in a bad way.

8th Edition

For many years recycled rubber crumb, or SBR, as it is correctly called, has been used as an infill in 3G pitches. Its characteristics have repeatedly been proven to be ideal for this kind of application, and are used in the vast majority of football pitches installed since the late 90s.

7th Edition

WE FOCUS A LOT ON QUALITY As one of 4 companies that has FIFA, World Rugby and FIH Preferred status, ensuring quality is foremost in our daily work.
Here is a short video underlining the importance of quality, in everything we do.

6th Edition

This may seem a strange question for most people with a synthetic pitch, but many years in this industry has taught me that an open green area does attract all kinds of different uses. For example, a synthetic turf 3G football pitch looks like it should be a great rugby surface.

5th Edition

In the last few days different governments have made announcements that will encourage some professional sports to be played again. This is great news for spectators, but for most active sport’s enthusiasts, there will still be a wait until some sports can be played below this level.

4th Edition

The first two CCGrass blue hockey fields have been completed at Tamworth Hockey Centre, based in Australia, with a third one close to completion. Tuff Turf, CCGrass’s long-standing local partner, who started work on the pitches last year, is carrying out the installation.

3rd Edition

Last year CCGrass became a proud and official sponsor for Hockey for Heroes, a charity which uses their chosen sport, Hockey, to raise funds for Help for Heroes. Help for Heroes provides lifelong support for Service Personnel and Military Veterans with injuries or illnesses..

2nd Edition

As gates were locked, bookings cancelled and everyone went home, focus naturally went away from your synthetic turf pitch. This prompted a question from a pitch owner I know, who wanted to understand the implications of a synthetic turf pitch being closed for a period of time.

1st Edition

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting our lives with postponements, cancellations and closures. For many companies this pandemic has already led to layoffs and loss of income. We, at CCGrass, hope you are keeping well and safe during these difficult times.