7th Edition

WE FOCUS A LOT ON QUALITY As one of 4 companies that has FIFA, World Rugby and FIH Preferred status, ensuring quality is foremost in our daily work.
Here is a short video underlining the importance of quality, in everything we do.

6th Edition

This may seem a strange question for most people with a synthetic pitch, but many years in this industry has taught me that an open green area does attract all kinds of different uses. For example, a synthetic turf 3G football pitch looks like it should be a great rugby surface.

5th Edition

In the last few days different governments have made announcements that will encourage some professional sports to be played again. This is great news for spectators, but for most active sport’s enthusiasts, there will still be a wait until some sports can be played below this level.

4th Edition

The first two CCGrass blue hockey fields have been completed at Tamworth Hockey Centre, based in Australia, with a third one close to completion. Tuff Turf, CCGrass’s long-standing local partner, who started work on the pitches last year, is carrying out the installation.

3rd Edition

Last year CCGrass became a proud and official sponsor for Hockey for Heroes, a charity which uses their chosen sport, Hockey, to raise funds for Help for Heroes. Help for Heroes provides lifelong support for Service Personnel and Military Veterans with injuries or illnesses..

2nd Edition

As gates were locked, bookings cancelled and everyone went home, focus naturally went away from your synthetic turf pitch. This prompted a question from a pitch owner I know, who wanted to understand the implications of a synthetic turf pitch being closed for a period of time.

1st Edition

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting our lives with postponements, cancellations and closures. For many companies this pandemic has already led to layoffs and loss of income. We, at CCGrass, hope you are keeping well and safe during these difficult times.