How does artificial turf benefit schools?

The use of synthetic turf in schools has been a significant development in providing sports facilities over the last thirty or more years. Governments have tasked education bodies to increase outdoor activity, embrace sports and improve the welfare of their students.

What does a rugby coach look for in a pitch?

The development of artificial grass has changed the nature of rugby coaching, providing a safe, consistent and available surface for players to train, learn and practice on. In keeping with the modern game, days of muddy training fields have long gone, and some clubs nowadays have their own synthetic turf areas.

What does a rugby player look for in a pitch?

Unlike football, rugby has taken synthetic turf pitches to heart. The willingness to accept the different characteristics this type of surface brings has been positive, at all levels of the game. So what is different? If like me, you played rugby, or still do, you will have played on some atrocious pitches..

What does a coach look for in a hockey surface?

In most parts of the world, hockey is played on synthetic turf, although a surprising number of countries still use other surfaces, such as natural grass or a hard compacted base. But whilst there are similarities in all these options, with consistent ball roll and safe conditions, most coaches would choose synthetic turf.

What does a hockey player look for in an artificial pitch?

Hockey first took to synthetic turf back in the 70’s with the Montreal Olympics being the springboard for global acceptance. It is therefore true to say that many hockey players have only ever played on synthetic turf; this gives them a tacit knowledge of the surface, in other words it is instinctive. That said, they [...]

What does a football coach look for in an artificial grass pitch?

Ask most coaches and they will always want to work on the best possible surface, as close to perfection as they can get. Not every club can afford this and not every coach has this luxury. But let’s use this as a starting point for what a coach would ideally choose for his coaching surface.

What does a footballer look for in an artificial grass pitch?

As a former footballer, my first experience playing on artificial grass was on the Preston North End main stadium pitch back in the mid 80’s, aged 13. It is clear to see that the surfaces back then were a million miles from the technologically advanced systems that are in use today.