By now most people know that synthetic turf can be a game changer for a club, a school and a community. There are many advantages in having such a facility and so many plus points, that narrowing it down to just 10 is a real challenge. So, here are 10 benefits, starting with 5 of the most obvious, with some qualifications, and then 5 lesser known.

5 well known benefits
  • All-weather: Actually, if it snows this point can be challenged, but basically the turf can be used in pretty much any weather.
  • Maintenance free: A better description would be Easy Maintenance, as cleaning, grooming and general care is still needed.
  • Multi-use: True, most surfaces can host more than one sport; for example, football and rugby go very well together.
  • Long lasting: Again true, but length of life does depend on how well the facility is maintained and how much use it gets.
  • Revenue earner: Commercially synthetic turf pitches are proven to be a lifeline for schools and clubs when the income from external bookings is considered.


5 lesser known benefits
  • Clean kit: Some players like to play in mud, some don’t. Certainly, the lack of dirt is a real plus for reducing kit washes.
  • Environmental: Synthetic turf reduces the amount of chemicals and water applied to a sports-field, and saves fuel as grass cutting is not needed.
  • Flexibility: With a well-built base beneath, some clubs cover the area with a marquee for special events; the turf is protected by a floor covering.
  • Advertising: Pitch fencing surrounds create a perfect medium for advertising boards, whilst sponsors logos can also be put into the surrounds of a pitch.
  • Focal point: With so many more people using a synthetic pitch, it can really become a focal point in a community; where people gather to play, learn or simply watch.

Since synthetic turf first became a viable and affordable alternative to natural turf it has become a necessity at most senior schools, universities, sports centres and junior clubs. Each will have realised its own benefits, but by far the biggest advantage synthetic turf brings is to make participation possible.

With society’s focus on health and fitness, the more people who can safely participate in some activity, the better we are. This perhaps is the biggest benefit of all, and the closure of sports facilities, due to Covid, this year, was felt by many.

There are many more advantages in having synthetic turf. We would be interested in knowing your top benefits.