The first time a player hit a hockey ball on synthetic turf, or the first time a rugby player tackled another player to the ground on a 3G surface, or the first goal a footballer scored on an artificial pitch; all great moments that led to the acceptance of synthetic turf in these sports.

Plenty of sports choose artificial grass and have done so for years – America has the Super Bowl on synthetic turf, Ireland has GAA sports on 3G fields, tennis courts around the globe feature synthetic fibres, bowls greens, Padel courts, even Frisbee pitches, all have artificial grass solutions.

Imagine how the right synthetic surface solution can impact your sport.

As the world’s leading synthetic turf manufacturer,
what else can CCGrass offer you?

  • Innovation partnership
  • Professional and individual advice on what system meets the right requirements for your sport
  • Long guaranties
  • The widest range of fibres, backings, tufting designs and pile heights to meet the requirements of any sport played on natural turf
  • Full back up service, including design, installation and maintenance


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