BiPlex MY


BiPlex MY is a two fibre product, extruded to 12,000 and 5,500 dtex respectively. BiPlex MY combines the Max monofilament yarn, made with C8 polymer, with a YEII strengthened fibrillated yarn, maximising its functions and strengths. Max yarn is a crinkle shaped fibre, encouraging “springback” when the fibre is flattened, making it exceptionally resilient, whilst the YEII yarn spreads, to help contain infill splash.

BiPlex MY fibre shape


BiPlex MY synthetic turf is a unique surface designed for both football and rugby, which offers superior play characteristics. Designed to work with or without a performance shock pad, BiPlex MY is created to meet FIFA Quality Pro and World Rugby standards.

A BiPlex MY synthetic turf pitch is infilled with a base layer of sand and a performance layer of SBR, or natural infills, such as cork.

BiPlex MY system


CCGrass is a FIFA and World Rugby Preferred Producer with the BiPlex MY system tested to FIFA Quality, FIFA Quality Pro and World Rugby standards.