CCGrass is a World Rugby
Preferred Turf Producer

World Rugby Regulation 22

Worldwide certified fields


Being a World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer

World Rugby is the recognized governing body for rugby union and sevens, setting its rules and principals, whilst monitoring the game. Its values are Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline and Respect.

World Rugby Regulation 22 refers to artificial turf and regulates standards to ensure player safety. As such, it recognizes the world’s best manufacturers as Preferred Turf Producers, and CCGrass is proud to be one.

Safety and Quality Where it Matters

Player welfare is paramount when it comes to our rugby turf solutions. World Rugby does not have separate requirements for different levels of play: Thus, by ensuring every pitch meets rigorously test standards, the player’s safety is never compromised. Always ensure your pitch is designed, built and maintained to meet World Rugby Regulation 22.


Irish Independent Park,Ireland
Stadio Rugby Via Baracca, Italy
HRC The Hague, Netherlands
Ealing Trailfinders RFC, UK
Stade Municipal, France
Mullingar Rugby Club, Ireland

Flexible Approach to Suit your Demand

CCGrass rugby turf systems are designed for full size pitches and training areas. We ensure that all our systems include a tested and approved pad, and a sand and resilient material infill, such as SBR, TPE, EPDM, PRO-gran or cork. Whilst all rugby turf must be 60mm or longer in length, we offer different fibre types and shapes, as well as denser products. With this possibility of range in product design, we provide more choice without compromising the final result.

Rugby League and Touch

Rugby League players love synthetic turf and CCGrass systems are designed to meet the requirements of this sport, at all levels. A shockpad adds comfort to the safety that is guaranteed, whilst ensuring a fast playing surface.

The growing sport of Touch Football may have less player contact, but its demands are just as high. The fast running and high intensity play means that a strong and durable system is required to encourage great performance.

Recommended Products

Superb EX2TM

  • Straight monofilament plus texturised (thatch) yarn
  • Soft, flexible and resilient
  • Super wear resistance with 25,000 cycles on the Lisport XL
  • Unmatched rugby experience
Pile Heights60mm
Thickness400μ micron
ColorEmerald Green, Olive Green
Lisport   XL250,000+ cycles


  • World Rugby approved
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Outstanding resilience
  • Extremely good upright stability
Pile Heights60mm
Thickness380-400μ micron
ColorEmerald, Olive, Lime
Lisport   XL80,000 cycles


  • World Rugby approved
  • High wear resistance
  • Wider blades for more natural appearance
  • Extra resilience and softness
Pile Heights60mm
Thickness400μ micron
ColorEmerald, Olive
Lisport   XL100,000 cycles


  • World Rugby approved
  • 3-D shape monofilament
  • Unmatched “memory” and resistance to matting
  • High simulation of natural turf
Pile Heights60mm
Thickness400μ micron
ColorMatt Emerald, Matt Olive


  • World Rugby approved
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Better infill locking and upright stability
  • Natural look and feel
Pile Heights60mm
Thickness110μ micron