FastPro HF yarn is an 8000 dtex curly fibre, which is produced specifically for hockey. The CCGrass one stop extrusion process for texturised yarn, means FastPro HF30 is resilient and stable with more consistent curls, for better non-directional ball roll.

FastPro HF13


FastPro HF30 meets FIH National Standard hockey field, and FIH Multi-Sport, and is designed to be dressed with specially graded sand. It is installed onto a range of approved shock pad systems and is designed to offer a fast, true and consistent game for hockey players, at all levels of the sport. The extra length pile allows more infill sand to be added, thereby creating a more stable surface, suitable also for recreational football, school tennis and netball.

FastPro HF30


CCGrass is an FIH Preferred Supplier with several FastPro HF systems tested to Global standards.

FIH Preferred Supplier