Stemgrass EX2


Stemgrass EX2 is made from a combination of two yarns. The main fibre is a flat wide Stemgrass yarn with a central spine, which is soft to touch (player friendly) and very durable. This is combined with a curly, “thatch” yarn support layer, to create a heavy rugby/football turf. The two tone green Stemgrass fibres add to the overall natural look. Stemgrass yarn has an 8 year warranty.


Stemgrass EX2 is a specially designed rugby system, designed to be installed over shock pads to provide a great rugby performance. The longer Stemgrass fibres provide a “green” top, whilst the curly yarn (“thatch”) further down in the turf, stabilises the infill layer, at the base of the turf. This provides a better grip for pushing on and reduces infill “splash”. Stemgrass EX2 is also a great football surface.

Stemgrass EX2 Cross Section


CCGrass is a FIFA and World Rugby Preferred Producer with Stemgrass EX2 systems tested to FIFA Quality, FIFA Quality Pro and World Rugby standards.